Kno2® is leading healthcare’s path to interoperability across every patient care setting with the capability to send, receive, find and use patient information with everyone. Through Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service™, common exchange methods including cloud fax, Direct secure messaging using the DirectTrust™ framework, patient information query with providers live on Carequality, including those connected through CommonWell Health Alliance®, IHE profiles, HL7 messaging, Fast Interoperability Healthcare Resources (FHIR), patient care networks (Referrals, ACOs, HIEs), and other forms of exchange are standardized into simple send and receive workflows, from virtually any source. The innovative technology is smart enough to determine the most interoperable form of exchange to ensure that content flows freely between systems and providers. All this functionality is available to providers and technology vendors through a simple set of REST-based APIs or through a Kno2 portal.   

Website: kno2.com



Liiingo is a patented collaborative content management platform, and custom app, that provides simple and effective content delivery to desktop, mobile web, and app users. Liiingo’s scannable codes provide safe, non-touch direct access to specific information, as well as a patented Smart Language Detection to deliver content in the user’s preferred language. The three i’s in Liiingo represent the functionality. Liiingo is intuitive, it is easy to use and update custom content with engaging features. Liiingo is individualized, allowing you to provide a curated experience for your audience, in their language. Liiingo offers insight through robust analytics to inform meaningful business decisions. Liiingo helps organizations build loyalty and increase self-service by delivering better content at the right time, stay relevant and engaging in this competitive digital environment, build their brand and tell their story, and curate experiences so customers aren’t lost to search navigation. Organizations leverage the Liiingo platform to maximize marketing and self-service opportunities for their clients. Whether selling a product, or connecting with a patient, the Liiingo platform and app is a synergistic communication model that integrates many modes of access like scannable codes, geolocation or beacons, to get the right information, to the right person, at the right time.    

Website: liiingo.com

Contact person: McCale Ashenbrener 
Tel: (833) 866-6896 Email: mccale@liiingo.com
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