Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA (Econ.), MHSA

Health Economist, Advisor, Trend Weaver, THINK-Health and Health Populi blog

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA (Econ.), MHSA

Health Economist, Advisor, Trend Weaver, THINK-Health and Health Populi blog


Jane is a health economist, advisor and trend-weaver to organizations focused at the intersection of health, technology and people. Jane founded THINK-Health after working with health care consultancies in the US and Europe. Jane’s clients span the health/care ecosystem: technology, pharma and life sciences, providers, plans, retail, financial services and consumer goods. She founded the Health Populi blog in 2007.

Jane advises on strategy via environmental analysis, scenario and strategic planning, and health policy analysis. She is on many advisory boards including CAQH’s U.S. Health Efficiency Index, healthBank, Onboard Health, the W20 Group, and Women of Color in Pharma. Jane is also on the Board of Directors of The Clinic, a free healthcare site in Chester County, PA. Jane is a frequent speaker and is also a contributor to the Huffington Post, Tincture, Medium, and the Washington Post Health Care Rx panel.

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Jane holds an MA (Economics) and MHSA (Health Policy) from University of Michigan. Beyond her work, she is even more passionate about family and home, Slow Food and her local CSA, and living a full and balanced life. Follow Jane along with 29,000 other tweeters on Twitter @HealthyThinker. See more on Jane at www.healthpopuli.com.

Jane’s latest book, Health Citizenship: How a virus opened hearts and minds, was published in September 2020. The book tracks the collective shock of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. health consumers, the accelerated growth of the home as health hub, adoption of self-care, and greater political will supporting a new social contract for health care in America.

Jane has also contributed chapters in many books and is often-quoted in national and trade publications. Jane’s chapter on “The New DIY Health Consumer” was published in Participatory Healthcare: A Person Centered Approach to Healthcare Transformation, published by Taylor & Francis Group in August 2016.

This followed up Jane’s chapter on “Patients and Personal Health IT in the Era of Accountable Care” in the HIMSS’ book, Engage! Transforming Healthcare through Digital Patient Engagement, published by HIMSS in March 2013.

Jane also co-authored the chapter “Old Media to New in Health: from Information to Interactivity,” with healthcare journalist Michael Millenson, in Information Technology for Patient Empowerment in Healthcare, published by DeGruyter in March 2015.


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